About the SSA

The Sustainable Schools Alliance aims to provide a clear and compelling offer of support to all schools in the country, and help them to put sustainability at the heart of what they do. The evidence for the benefits of Sustainable Schools is stronger than ever. However, the government’s focus on greater school freedom means local and civil society organizations must act to help schools to pursue sustainability.

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Our Vision

  • Every child and young person experiences teaching and learning that enables them to feel safe and cared for in a changing world, where they want and are able to live sustainably and encourage others to do the same.

SSA Audit Tool Review

SSA would like to invite schools and colleges to take part in a review of a new Sustainable Schools Audit Tool. This will support your planning and evaluation in all areas of sustainability, from leadership, management, CPD and school maintenance to learning activities and enrichment. Your feedback from taking part in this review will enable the Audit Tool to be fine tuned to ensure that it is an intuitive and responsive mechanism through which all schools can develop, evaluate and enhance their activities towards preparing today’s young people for a lifetime of sustainable living.

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