Sustainable Schools Alliance
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The Alliance Vision

Every child and young person experiences teaching and learning that enables them to feel safe and cared for in a changing world, where they want and are able to live sustainably and encourage others to do the same.

The Alliance Mission

To drive change in the education system so that all schools put sustainability at the heart of their curriculum, their campus and their community. The Alliance will seek to achieve this by providing support and resources that help to link agendas around education for sustainable development, development education and health and well-being work in schools

The Alliance Objectives

Arrow Develop effective communication and information routes for schools and providers of support for schools e.g. an information hub

Arrow Develop effective engagement by, for example, promoting clear benefits for teaching and learning

Arrow Through collaboration we will enable new and innovative practice for embedding sustainability in schools

Arrow Build consensus about what is good practice and disseminate to all stakeholders 

Arrow Encouraging the development and use of local and national measures of progress against the vision of the Alliance

We will do this by modelling good sustainable development practice throughout the Alliance, for example through good governance, reducing our footprint, collaborative working, taking a learning approach and including and respecting diversity and young peoples' voices.

Alliance Structure

The Alliance is a network through which existing organisations can work together more effectively.

Teachers Directory

Seeking to provide schools with the most appropriate support and resources to put sustainability at the heart of their curriculum, their campus and their community, the Alliance is pleased to put at your disposal a large amount of information, news and tools available via the following the links:
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