The Global Goals: An Opportunity

The Global Goals: An Opportunity

Guest post by Christine Farrell

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs are not just a series of 17 goals and 169 targets, they are a blueprint designed to help us transform our world. They are not just for some of us, they are for all of us. And as educators, we all have a role to play as we look to achieve them and, like us, the goals and targets they represent are all interconnected. 

For we live in a global world, where our actions have a direct effect upon the lives and livelihoods of others. Yet our teaching methodologies, curriculum and the majority of textbooks available fail to address the needs and values of life in the 21st century.

The challenge we face, is that the current ethos in education and teaching is, on the whole, linear and geared around passing exams whereas, the global goals, call for a joined up approach to education. This is to enable young people to have the opportunity to foster a greater, more rounded understanding – not just the world around them, but of the impact that their lives have upon it and help them understand that we are joined together and that we are all global citizens in a truly interconnected world.

1World Unite is on a mission to provide leading edge sustainability education that complements the curriculum. It puts ‘learning’ into a truly global context, promotes critical thinking, tolerance and helps young people to make sense of the world through a deeper understanding of world issues. The articles highlight how we are all responsible, whilst ensuring that we promote optimism and give youth the opportunity to get involved and take action to build a better world.

The 1World Unite resources present us all with a unique opportunity to effectively deliver thought provoking education that encompasses the aims and objectives of the global goals so that we can bring about much needed social change & help future generations foster a renewed sense of responsibility and care not just for themselves but mankind.

In addition to our monthly resources and special reports, we are developing a series of awards and aids for schools. These new resources will actively encourage youth participation in school and community based projects. A series of DOIT based awards that will give students across the whole school spectrum an opportunity to step up and make a difference in their local areas. These in turn will help them to develop essential life skills, emotional intelligence and empathy, so that we can begin to foster a renewed sense of joined-up responsibility and care.

Our approach is powered by our belief that we are all capable of great things and that only by working together can we secure change. We would love to invite input and discussion on these and welcome feedback and suggestions, you can follow us on @1worldunite

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