More and more schools reaching for the STARS

This Spring a further 80 schools from across the country have achieved STARS accreditation. Schools from Torbay to Newcastle have joined the growing number of schools that have achieved STARS accreditation that now stands at 522. This year alone 209 schools are already accredited with another large batch of applications expected over the summer.

In more positive news for the scheme, Maple Primary School of Hertfordshire recently became the 2,000th school to register for Modeshift STARS.

The STARS scheme continues to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. Currently 55 organisations representing around 11,500 schools in England are signed up to the scheme. If you are interested in joining or would like further information then please email

National Modeshift STARS School of the Year Announced

Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School of Leeds are the first ever National STARS School of the Year. They were awarded the title at the National STARS Awards Reception held in London in March.
The six STARS Schools of the Region all made the journey to London for the Reception which was overseen by Transport Minister Lord Ahmad, who presented the National STARS School of the Year award.
The Awards Reception recognised the tremendous amount of hard work and determination to reduce the number of car journeys made on the school run every day in favour of walking, cycling, scooting and using public transport.

The six schools that attended the awards ceremony were:
• Godmanchester Primary School, Cambridgeshire
• Haydonleigh Primary School, Swindon
• St Bede Church of England Primary, Hampshire
• St John’s CE(A) Primary, Stoke-on-Trent
• The Federation of Abbey Schools, Darlington
• Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School, Leeds

Rawdon Littlemoor Primary recorded no pupils cycling to school in 2013. Within 2-years that figure has increased to 42 pupils regularly cycling to school in the summer months and 18 pupils cycling throughout the year. This is in addition to 63 pupils scooting to school daily and 2 members of staff regularly cycling to school. They have achieved this through a combination of installing infrastructure to support cyclists, and by involving members of the school staff, pupils, parents and governors in the process of promoting sustainable travel options. They have spent the last 2-years fundraising in order to install a cycle track in the school grounds to continue the cycling ethos and last year held a Glastonbury themed festival to help raise the funds which included a roller bike competition, stalls and games. Over 500 parents and pupils camped out overnight as part of the event.

After the awards event, pupils from all six schools travelled across London in a vintage London bus to the BSkyB Studios in Brentford where they took part in a Sky Academy activity which included a tour of the Sky Studios and the production of a news piece on the promotion of cycling.

Transport Minister Lord Ahmad said: “The schools being recognised today have achieved exceptional results in encouraging their pupils to take up healthier and greener travel choices.

“We are committed to Britain becoming a cycling and walking nation and we are providing £50 million for Bikeability training over the next four years so a million pupils can ride their bikes safely.

“There is no better place to instil good transport habits than in schools so the next generation get into healthy routines which improve journeys and quality of life for all.”

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