NSSC 17 – an inspiring ‘now’ & hope for the future

NSSC 17 – an inspiring ‘now’ & hope for the future

Education Matters because…

‘it is the most powerful tool we can give future generations’ Georgina, 16

Sustainability Matters because…
‘it ensures a future for everyone, all life – even those that don’t have a voice’ Olivia, 16

‘Why can’t we have untested lessons that allow us to explore and emotionally grow. We have to expand our horizons and allow ourselves to be educated

These are just a few quotes from young people who attended the National Sustainable Schools Conference (NSSC) 2017 that can offer reassurance and pride to all of those involved in learning for sustainability, environmental education and global learning; encouragement that young people are listening and thinking critically about the issues of today and the future.

The NSSC, which gathered organisations involved in educating and inspiring people to take action on all aspects sustainability, has been described as ‘a great way to learn from each other and almost more importantly, to support and encourage each other’. Vikki Pendry, Curriculum Foundation.

A big Thank You goes out from SEEd and the Sustainable Schools Alliance to everybody who was involved in making the day a success.

With special appreciation to our opening speakers, James Murray from Business Green and Georgian Stevens with Finn the Tiger Shark.

The conference sponsor Think Global were very busy running Supply Cha!nge workshops all day with;
Fairtrade Foundation, Joanna Mills
Co-op Food, Amy Morris
Marine Stewardship Council, Kate Jones
You can read more about their workshops on the Think Global blog here.

Participating organisations which shared their projects and resources, much off which can also be found on their websites were:

Woodland Trust,
Ashden – LESS CO2
Centre for Alternative Technologies,
Thames Boat Project,
Thames Water,
Cob Oven Man,
Eco Action Games,
Future We Want,
Target for Green,
Being Animal,
School Energy Efficiency,
Queen Katharine Academy,
Blooming Minds

The refreshingly varied and motivating workshops were led by:

Vikki Pendry,- Curriculum Foundation,
Dr David Dixon,
Bobbie Harvey – FACE,
Henry Greenwood – Green Schools Project,
Helen Cox plus students from Sir John Lawes School,
Mary Jackson, Learning through Landscapes
Phillipa Slater, City of London Open Space programme
Traci Lewis, Catalyse Change 
Ann Finalyson, SEEd

Many workshop leaders have kindly shared their presentations and other information. You can find them in a shared open access folder here.

Thanks to everyone who made it an inspiring day.