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The Role of the Alliance

Schools make a vital contribution to sustainable development. By reducing their carbon emissions they protect the environment and save money. By encouraging learning and practical action about sustainability amongst pupils they foster sustainable behaviours in young people that will remain with them throughout their lives. By operating at the heart of communities they can foster social cohesion and sustainable behaviours throughout the local area.

Sustainable development makes a vital contribution to school outcomes. Learning about and taking action for sustainability encourages pupils to be better behaved, more engaged in class and attain better results. By focusing on the well-being of their pupils schools ensure young people are happy, safe and ready to learn. A focus on sustainable development helps to ensure that schools are preparing young people for life in the 21st century.

Adding Value

Whilst a great deal of good work already goes on in schools and the government has said that sustainable development remains a priority. There are three reasons why the Alliance is needed now:

  1. Changes in government policy mean that schools currently do not have an obvious ‘first port of call’ if they are looking for advice and support on sustainability.

  2. The Alliance can draw together the evidence for the benefits of environmental education, the global dimension, community cohesion and well-being work, to provide a clearer, comprehensive and more compelling offer of support to schools. Many schools do not currently realise the amount and quality of support that is available to them; by raising the profile of the Alliance and the organisations that contribute to it we can ensure that all schools can access this support.

  3. To provide a route to share ideas, stimulate innovation and spread expertise.

Who is it for?

The Alliance will complement and add value to existing work around sustainable schools, increasing the impact of that work and so increasing the benefits for learners.

The Alliance will be a network promoting comprehensive understanding of sustainable development (environmental, social and global issues together).  The Alliance will be apolitical, it will not compete with existing organisations, but will enable us all to work together to address what education is about - preparing young people to develop the skills and attitudes to be responsible global citizens and manage their future lives.  


Teachers Directory

Seeking to provide schools with the most appropriate support and resources to put sustainability at the heart of their curriculum, their campus and their community, the Alliance is pleased to put at your disposal a large amount of information, news and tools available via the following the links:
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