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Sept 2015 - October 2016 - CAT Educational Visits


Bursary fund for North Welsh schools and colleges booking STEM tuition. Relevant for STEM subjects including Welsh Bacc and Geography

A great opportunity for KS 3, 4 and 5 pupils and teachers in North Wales to apply for a subsidised visit to CAT for bursaries contributing towards travel, tuition and entry.

Upper KS2 Year 6 now also qualify for the bursary ( see criteria below)

‘It was a really valuable day that allowed them to see their STEM subjects working alongside their Bacc, this is a fantastic step forward for us.’ Eirias High School Conwy. Funded visit 2015

Learning at CATThis bursary has now been extended from Sept 2015- October 2016 and includes greater benefits for Non-Communities First as well as Communities First groups.

Now all schools and colleges with year 6-13 pupils in North Wales can book a subsidised visit to CAT and will be eligible for FREE tuition and entry to CAT. Travel costs may also be partially covered.

Funded by Thomas Howell’s Education Fund for North Wales

This offer is on a first come first served basis with limited funds so get in touch as soon as possible to book a visit.

Contact Gabrielle Ashton on 01654 705983

18th/22nd/23rd March, 24th May, July 6th 2016 - Eco-Schools Roadshow

Spend a day at one of our fantastic Eco-Schools Ambassador schools learning everything you need to know about the Eco-Schools programme and the difference it can make to your school. At these one day events you will hear from inspirational speakers, attend fun and informative workshops and spend time with an Ambassador School Eco-Committee; the real Eco-Schools experts. The events are for adults only, we will bring together teachers, sustainability education professionals and the Keep Britain Tidy Eco-Schools team. Together we will explore the learning benefits that Eco-Schools can generate and devise strategies for working together to achieve them. There will be a delegate fee of £75 + VAT for these events. Follow this link for more information: Eco-Schools Roadshow

19th April 2016 - NUS National Conference

NUS National Conference the head policy making body of NUS UK. Delegates are elected from each local Students’ Union that is an affiliated member of NUS to represent students’ views on a National level.

It sets policy for the year ahead in each of the 5 zones and elects the President, Vice Presidents, Block of 15 representatives on the National Executive Council and the members of the NUS UK Board and Democratic Procedures Committee.

To become a delegate at National Conference 2016 you should contact your local students’ union/association/council.

Click here to visit the conference website – Conference website.

27th April 2016 - Education for the SDGs: A Critical Role for Global Skills

Think Global/British Council Seminar Series 2

One of the biggest challenges in realising the SDGs will be around helping people develop the dispositions and abilities that will enable them to move beyond learning and on to living the SDGs.

There is a growing academic consensus that if we are to succeed with the SDGs then time in school needs to be given not only to helping young people learn to read, write and calculate but also to develop the skills, attitudes and values that will enable them to thrive in a complex international world. In other words, we need global skills and global competencies alongside traditional learning outcomes.

In this second seminar we look at various different initiatives that are underway to support teachers and students to develop these skills, and some of the challenges and barriers that lie ahead.

Dominic Regester (British Council Schools Programme)
Liz Allum (Reading International Solidarity Centre)
Additional speakers to be confirmed

You can register for free via Eventbrite

18th May 2016 - Aspects of Leadership

It’s not all about attainment!

Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 8:45am – 12:30pm (buffet lunch provided)

…okay, for some it might be, and clearly there’s no getting away from it.
However, this event focuses on how two schools faced their challenges, raised standards across the school and put in place strategies to avoid slipping back. These strategies include:
Shared vision – ownership, responsibility, accountability
Using development planning to inform performance appraisal
Ensuring lesson observations serve a professional development purpose
Enabling teachers to contextualise the professional standards
For these schools, raising standards and maintaining them is founded on strategic planning and management of their improvement processes. Raising standards in attainment is the outcome.

Limit two attendees per school. Maximum capacity of 105 guests, however if the event exceeds 105 registrations you will be placed on a waiting list. If you are added to the waiting list you will be notified by email after registration.
**Please note that your registration is only complete when you receive an email confirmation from Bluewave Education. If you do not receive an email from Bluewave within 48 hours of regestering on Event Brite please call 0845 4900 447 to confirm your booking.

You can find more info here.

15th June 2016 - Putting Global Skills at the Centre of Our Work Places

Think Global/British Council Seminar Series 3

The skills and behaviours that underpin success with the Sustainable Development Goals are also highly valued by employers around the world. They are seen as essential skills for the 21st century. This final seminar in the series looks at how the UK’s young people are being prepared for life and work in a global world.

New research from Think Global and OCR will be used to show that although there are pockets of global interest and expertise across the different education sectors in the UK, young peoples’ global skills on average are not well-developed; and moreover, that the employers into whose businesses they will move post-education, have even less global awareness. To achieve the SDGs, and fulfil the UK’s commitments on the world stage, this needs to change, and in this seminar we examine some of the ways this is possible.

Speakers to be confirmed.

You can sign-up for this event free here – eventbrite

16th June 2016 - Beyond COP 21 Symposium

Beyond COP21 Symposium proposes to contribute a key ingredient to future success as a result of the historic Paris talks. The mobilization of the youth and school communities, giving them a chance to deliver powerful messages about maintaining momentum, clarity, understanding and action.

Kick started in January 2016 in Dubai, Beyond COP21 Symposiums will inspire students (7-18) & teachers across schools around the world via a day of interactive debates, discussions and action, around the Beyond COP21 & SDGs agenda.

Concept: Each one day Symposium is hosted by an Eco-school, which invites 5 to 10 other schools in the area to participate. The target ages are 7 – 18.
The event consists of themed high impact presentations & debates with guest speakers on the Agenda 2030 and Climate negotiations in and beyond Paris, individual & community action, pledge making and practical activities/workshops.
Local sustainable companies are invited to showcase their initiatives and engage with students.

You can contact Peter Milne at Target4Green for more information –

28th June & 8th July 2016 - Modeshift Summer Regional Meetings

Join Modeshift at their regional meetings for the latest news, updates and best practice sharing from the Midlands.

Book your place via this link

6th-9th January 2017 - ASE Annual Conference

For four days, ASE hosts over 400 CPD science education sessions presented by teachers, leading scientists, researchers and education organisations. Throughout the conference there are lots of valuable opportunities for more informal professional and personal development through the science resources exhibition, drop-in activities and the chance to share experiences with teachers. Whether you teach primary or secondary, lead a department or are just starting on your training, the ASE Annual Conference is an invaluable opportunity to discover resources, enhance your subject knowledge and share teaching approaches. Find out more here.