Initial Consultations – 2010/2011

The consultation for the development of the Alliance was held across the country and online between December 2010 and February 2011. These consultations helped to design the Alliance including its vision, mission and its five objectives. 300 organisations participated in these discussions.

SSA Launch – March 2011

The SSA was officially launched by Lord Hill (Green Minister for the Department for Education) on the 29th of March 2011 at the London School of Economics in London. The launch ceremony brought together over 100 individuals, organisations, and schools from across sectors and covering all aspects of sustainable development in schools. Discussions focused on the five SSA objectives and practical suggestions of ways forward. The consultations and the launch were sponsored by SEEd, the NCB, Think Global, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Global Action Plan (GAP) and Eco Schools.

Ongoing work

Throughout 2011/12 there have been numerous meetings, events and policy for a, in which discussions covered project areas, approaches, funding models, and membership models. DfE, and DfID have been observers at many of these meetings. In July 2011 the SSA was endorsed by DfE in the Defra Natural Environment White Paper. In July 2012 WWF, the NCB and SEEd funded the TES Sustainable Schools Award. In March 2012 SEEd launched the Sustainable Curriculum Project.