The Sustainable Schools Alliance (SSA)


The Sustainable Schools Alliance is a network of organisations which aims to provide a clear and compelling offer of support to all schools in the country, and help them to put sustainability at the heart of what they do.


Name of lead representative: Alex Green
 Web link:
Overview of organisation: Through our LESS CO2 programme we are helping create more sustainable schools – and galvanising young people to join the movement for a low-carbon worldWe established the LESS CO2 programme in 2010 in response to requests from schools for practical, hands-on support to help them make the changes they need to reduce their energy bills and to help build a low-carbon future. We are currently recruiting for new LESS CO2 programme clusters. If your school would like to take part, please contact Alex Green.

Bluewave Education

Name of lead representative: Keith Wright
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Overview of organisation:  Bluewave.Education is a market leading provider of school improvement management software supporting school leaders to deliver efficiency, cohesion and streamlined processes. Through our work with SSA, we seek to assist schools in embedding sustainability in their curriculum and improvement practices. Bluewave Education has won a BETT Award in the category of Supporting Institutional Leadership and Management Solutions.

CAT - Centre for Alternative Technologies

Name of lead representative: Ann MacGarry
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Overview of organisation: 

CAT is an education and visitor centre demonstrating practical solutions for sustainability. We cover all aspects of green living: environmental building, eco-sanitation, woodland management, renewable energy, energy efficiency and organic growing. CAT offers support to educators through free downloadable resources, training and consultancy, and the opportunity for teachers and their pupils to visit the centre and learn about more sustainable modes of living. Find out more here.  

East Midlands RCE & Association of Science Educators

Name of lead representative: Margaret FlemingCODESASE blue logo left w strapline
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Overview of organisation:
MF Associates (Education) limited
This small consultancy has a focus on Education for Sustainable Development and Science education. Clients here include regional national and international organisations, and through the work of the Director, Margaret Fleming, it has an established reputation as an expert voice in these fields. She is presently a partner in the European Comenius partnership ‘CoDeS’. Margaret specifically represents the interests of the RCE East Midlands and the Association Science Education on the board. Further details below.
The Association for Science Education takes an active interest in education for sustainability and global learning. We are currently leading on the science education aspects of the DfID’s Global Learning programme, and previously have been involved as a partner organisation, or led on a range of projects and resources including CoReflect, It Makes You Think, SATIS Revisited, Cultural Understanding and internationally acclaimed Science Across the World.
The UN DESD is a global initiative to raise awareness of and improve practice in Education for Sustainable Development. It incorporates the decade 2005-2014.
As part of this work the DESD oversaw the creation of Regional Centres of Expertise in ESD. The first RCE in the UK was established in the East Midlands and became known as RCE-EM. Many of the individuals behind the creation of the RCE-EM are also founding members and ongoing contributors to Co-operating for Sustainability.

Eco Schools - Keep Britain Tidy

Name of lead representative: Lee Wray-DaviesKBT an EcoSchools logos
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Overview of organisation:
Keep Britain Tidy manages the Eco-Schools programme in England. Through this international award programme, pupils and teachers learn to become more sustainable in and out the classroom. It provides a simple framework that supports them to make the environment an integral part of school life.
Over 17,000 schools and early years centres have registered with the programme since it launched in England in 1994 with more than 1,500 currently at the highest ‘Green Flag’ award level.

Green Schools Project

Name of lead representative: Henry GreenwoodWeb link:
Overview of organisation:
Green Schools Project supports schools to set up and run a student-led environmental programme, helping them to lead projects on topics such as energy saving and encouraging walking or cycling to school. We provide access to a website where students find tasks and upload evidence to compete against other schools, and visits to help the students to save their school thousands of pounds on energy bills.

Learning Through Landscapes (LTL)

Name of lead representative: Carley SeftonLearning through landscapes
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Overview of organisation:
Learning through Landscapes is a UK charity dedicated to enhancing outdoor learning and play for children. Learning through Landscapes helps children to connect with nature, become more active, learn outdoors, develop social skills and have fun.
Learning through Landscapes brings to the SSA expertise in supporting schools to make the very best use of their school grounds, both for education/play but also for exploring and embedding sustainable principles and practices.


Web link: Modeshift
Overview of organisation:
Modeshift is a national membership organisation that specialises in active and sustainable travel and provides behaviour change support for those working with children, young people, families, school communities, educational establishments and places of work. Modeshift also seeks to influence national debate, government policy and public opinion – and works with other organisations to achieve common goals.

NESPSS - Durham County Council, Coordinator for North East Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Schools

Name of lead representative: Rich Hurst

NESPSS logo for web Web link:
Overview of organisation:
OASES is home to the North East Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Schools (NESPSS) a programme that seeks to coordinate organisations from across the north east region to better support schools with sustainability education. This work stream has been supporting organisations in the region since 2004. This regional partnership is represented on the SSA Board by Rich Hurst, Sustainability Education Advisor for Durham County Council, Education Development Service.

North Yorkshire County Council Coordinator for Yorkshire & Humber Regional Sustainable Schools Group

Name of lead representative: Ruth Stacey

Web link: Awaiting details
Overview of organisation:
The Yorkshire & Humber Regional Sustainable Schools group work together to promote and develop Sustainability education in the region. The group is made up of representatives from across the region who cover a range of Sustainability doorways in their roles which include Energy, Food & Growing, Global learning and Outdoor Learning. Our group includes: Dearne Valley Eco Vision, Durham County Council, FACE regional coordinator, Food for Life Partnership in Kirklees and York, Kirklees Council, North Yorkshire County Council, Rotherham MDC, Sheffield University along with other partners who attend our meetings when possible, which include the Global Learning Partnership Coordinator for the region, RHS Regional Coordinator and Leeds Development Education Centre.
Our regional group relies on joint membership of the SSA board inorder to keep in touch with national initiatives and campaigns on Sustainability Education. We all work on Sustainability Education and the Eco Schools scheme on the ground with schools across our region. We are a voice for the SSA in the Yorkshire & Humber region. We utilise the SSA board meeting minutes to keep our group up to date on progress of the SSA.


Name of lead representative: Charlotte Bonner/Quinn Runkle

Web link:
Overview of organisation:
The National Union of Students (NUS) is a voluntary membership organisation which makes a real difference to the lives of students and its member students’ unions. We are a confederation of 600 students’ unions, amounting to more than 95 percent of all higher and further education unions in the UK. Through our member students’ unions, we represent the interests of more than seven million students.
NUS champions students to shape the future of education – and create a better world. We promote, defend and extend student rights. We fight discrimination, isolation and injustice. Through practical information and national action, we make sure students can thrive.
We support and strengthen students and their unions. We are informed – developing research that influences national policy. We are active – taking on all the issues that affect students’ lives now and in future. We know students. We are students. We are 7 million student voices.

Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT)

Name of lead representative: Jill Foster

PECT TrustWeb link: Overview of organisation:  Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is an independent charity working for a cleaner, greener, healthier Peterborough.
We deliver a range of projects and initiatives working with local people, communities, schools, businesses, local authorities and voluntary organisations. Our aim is to create a truly sustainable Peterborough…the UK’s Environment Capital.


Name of lead representative: Suzanne Welchrspblogoblacktextengrgb
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Overview of organisation:
The RSPB is the country’s largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns, coast and countryside will teem with life once again. We play a leading role in BirdLife International, a worldwide partnership of nature conservation organisations.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a registered charity: England and Wales no. 207076, Scotland no. SC037654


Name of lead representative: Janice Lawson & Ann Finlayson

Web link:
Overview of organisation:
SEEd is the UK hub for bringing together, sharing and enhancing best practice in sustainability and environmental education. Our policy work aims to share this practice and encourage supportive systems for educators to do this important work. All our projects are designed to model principles of sustainable development, good stakeholder processes and best practice in learning.

Solar for Schools

Name of lead representative: Sarah Finder
Web link:

Overview of organisation:

Solar for Schools harnesses the power of the sun to fund sustainability education for the next generation. They have set out to enable all schools to install solar panels with little hassle and at low cost and integrate the solar panels into the curriculum. Solar panels on schools not only provides clean energy at reduced costs, but information about solar energy production can be integrated into STEM subjects in order to help improve academic performance and inspire students, as the school becomes an example to the local community on how to live more sustainably and prepare for the future. Solar for Schools works closely with their Education Advisory Board to develop their education programmes and interdisciplinary approaches to providing sustainability education during all key stages. Please visit to see how your school could benefit from having solar panels and how to integrate them into your curriculum.


Name of lead representative: Peter Milne

Web link:  
Overview of organisation:

Target4Green Educational Consultancy and Training is a specialized, hands-on, community centered company dedicated to supporting schools across the world in their Education for Sustainable Development as well as working with companies in the creation and initiation of effective educational and CSR Programmes.

By providing crucial links in making children and adults more aware of the global issues we face together, Target4Green brings all elements of sustainability together in thought-provoking and dynamic ways through practical workshops, seminars, team building, presentations and experiential learning opportunities.

In-school programmes:
-Support a cross-curricular, theme-based approach 
-Promote the Sustainable Development Goals 
-Help children, parents and staff understand key environmental issues 
-Provide fun and interactive lessons 
-Create effective professional development and action-planning for teachers 
-Involve the whole school community 
-Save money and the environment

Think Global

Name of lead representative: Jess McQuail
Web link:

Overview of organisation:
Think Global is a charity which works to educate and engage the UK public about global issues. We do this through a range of projects, through influencing policy, engaging in research and through working with our membership network.
Our vision is for all citizens to understand the global challenges we face and develop the capabilities to create a more just and sustainable world. We do not seek to provide people with ‘the right answers’ as global issues are complex – we believe people need to come to their own conclusions on these important issues.
Much of our work is with schools and teachers – helping them to introduce a global dimension at a whole school level, and within individual subjects. We provide training for teachers, are experts at global teaching resource writing, and are a partner in the Global Learning Programme.