At the launch event participants worked on the five different objectives, establishing priorities and targets, and developing several initial working projects.

A summary of the discussions about ‘what could be achieved’ is given below each objective.

Develop effective communication and information routes for schools and providers of support for schools.

What could we achieve?

  • Compelling narrative about the purpose of the Alliance
  • Define the audience: teachers, staff, students? how do we approach them?
  • Methodology of how to map the sector and create bank of case studies/skills
  • Strategy to ensure an easy way to give schools access to what they need

Develop effective engagement by, for example, promoting clear benefits for teaching and learning.

What could we achieve?

  • Member organisations have a route-map and process to overcome/ understand the barriers
  • SS school champions identified and nurtured – local level
  • Schools are still hearing about SD – and SSA decided where is the ‘voice’ (the view in this group is that it should come from young people)

Through collaboration we will enable new and innovative practice for embedding sustainability in schools.

What could we achieve?

  • All schools to know about the Alliance
  • 1000 projects/activities/approaches shared and promoted
  • Pupils motivated and actively engaged with the Alliance
  • Website looking different and has grown

Building consensus about what is good practice and disseminate to all stakeholders.

What could we achieve?

  • Generating Case Studies to share from and get people in touch with each other –signposting, what it is you’re looking for, knowing who to piggy back on people’s sustainability efforts
  • Communicate rapidly – online blog
  • Identifying funding opportunities and means of making what you’re doing economically sustainable

Encouraging the development and use of local and national measures of progress against the vision of the Alliance.

What could we achieve?

  • Identify easily measurable standards at school [community] level
  • Revise S3 (SS audit tool)?
  • Look at models of leadership for sustainability – training link
  • Collect some basic metrics and set a target number of interactions with schools
  • The minimum achievement would be to define where we are and what we want to be