Wild Challenge Returns

Wild Challenge Returns


by Rebecca Kerfoot – RSPB Learning

The Wild Challenge for schools is our digital awards scheme which incentivises children to go out, experience and connect with the natural world and take action to help save nature within their school. It replaces the Wildlife Action Awards, which schools currently take part in.

How Schools Take Part

Within the Wild Challenge there are two sections; experience nature and help nature, there are twelve activities in each of these sections. To achieve a bronze award, the participant must complete any three activities from each section; they will then receive a certificate and stickers for each child who has taken part. To achieve the silver award they must complete three more activities from each section, again they will receive certificates and stickers. To complete the gold award the participants must complete a further three activities from each section, again they receive certificates and stickers.

The scheme is free to sign up to and can easily be repeated with different classes or different children. Simply visit our Wild Challenge web-site www.rspb.org.uk/schoolswildchallenge to get started.